What could be more exciting than exploring the world

What could be more exciting than exploring the world: to gradually discover new countries, their culture, manners and customs, to admire the beauty of nature or just relax on the beach. With us, you’ll discover the world. To visit the most popular resorts, ancient cities, Holy places, or chic clubs and forget about all everyday are just a few that we can offer you. With us, you can visit the resorts of Israel, Montenegro, Spain, Greece, Croatia, great Britain, Italy and other countries.

The trip to Israel, for example, is unthinkable without a visit to tel Aviv. Ancient beautiful city will impress you with its architectural monuments. In addition to visits to museums, galleries, you can relax on the beach or walk around many shops, which are very similar to art galleries. Shalom tower, the Museum of the state of Israel, the Yarkon Park – the little that is worth seeing in tel Aviv. Do not forget that Israel is a country of four seas. With us you can easily travel inside the country.

If You are more attracted to Eastern Europe, it is necessary to visit Bulgaria and Montenegro. The Bulgarian city of Varna arose in the 6th century BC, so you won’t get bored, getting acquainted with its attractions: the ancient cultural layers are reflected in the architecture of the city. But Varna is also a lively nightlife, many discos, bars and kafene let you get bored during the holidays. Choose your holiday in Varna at any time of the year. And in the “off season” you’ll have a great time and will be able to improve their health.

Much of what was said about Varna, applies to Budva – the most famous resort in Montenegro. This city is known for its beautiful miles of beaches that give way to mountainous landscapes. Life in the city, not stopping for a moment. There are a lot of bars, discos, restaurants, casinos, and sports fields. Rich and cultural life of the city, you can visit the theatre, music festivals. Of course, the ancient town will offer you to look at and beautiful monuments.

The mere mention of the island of Ibiza is a storm of emotions. Located on the Islands of the Mediterranean sea, this island will offer you an endless amount of entertainment in the many clubs. This place is iconic for the youth of the world. In addition, you can visit the ancient sites, which, unfortunately, there are not a lot, but no less interesting. In the capital of Ibiza, Ibiza town, you can visit the Cathedral, the ancient castle, the Church of San Domingo, the museums. Ibiza is famous for its architecture. In the old part is full of shops and boutiques.

You will be fascinated and the island of Skiathos, the Central city which is located in the beautiful harbour of the Mediterranean sea, the Cape is divided into two halves. The narrow streets of the city only emphasize its beauty and antiquity. Visiting the ruins of the island’s capital, Castro, you will learn much about his mysterious and distant past. For fans soak up the sunshine Skiathos offers beautiful beaches, for example Kukunares. The beaches are very modern, full of shops, bars, cafes.

Visiting Dubrovnik, located in Dalmatia, you will plunge into the world of antiquity and the unique architecture. Of course, it is a city with a very rich history. He is the pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik vying even with Venice. To look at architectural monuments of the city, you’ll need a few days. Take a walk through the Old town to the Palace of the Duke. Your attention will be attracted by Pile gate and thick walls, built in the 14th century. The wealth attractions of Dubrovnik is amazing. There are a lot of churches, monasteries, cathedrals. Beautiful nature of Dalmatia. But a visit to Dubrovnik are not limited to exploring – you will get the opportunity to have a great time on the beaches or at various cultural events.

The Adriatic is rich in beautiful resorts. The mild climate and the beauty of Rimini will allow you to relax. This is a prestigious European resort, located in the ancient Italian city. Its main historical monuments Rimini Cathedral of San Francesco, the Church of San Giuliano martire a, Sismondo castle, Cathedral of Santa Combo and much more. In the vicinity of the city is a series of beaches (15 km). Here you can visit Europe’s largest water Park.

Lovers of the Baltic sea will attract holiday on Gotland, the largest island in Sweden. Gotland is popular as a tourist destination, especially attractive for fans of “village stay”. The island has pine forests, picturesque fields, fishing villages. The island will offer to visit the Church of Baltic-Gothic style, burials of the bronze age, the ruins of ancient buildings and many more.

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What could be more exciting than exploring the world
What could be more exciting than exploring the world: to gradually discover new countries, their culture, manners and customs, to admire the beauty of nature or just relax on the…

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