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Megalithic constructions

Megaron. Medallion

Mezzanine (it. mezzanino – house)

The upper or superstructure over the Central part of a house. Often has a balcony. In the XIX century, became widespread in low-rise construction in Russia.

Megalithic constructions, megaliths (gr. megas – great, lithos – stone)

Archaeological monuments, built of blocks of wild or grubovato stone. Megaliths belong to the menhirs – the vertically dug stone pillars; CROMLECHS – stone alleys; DOLMENS – tombs, stone boxes, covered galleries. Megalithic constructions are widely spread in different countries of the world, in particular, in Siberia, in the Ukraine, in Crimea, in particular in the Caucasus, where there are all kinds of megalithic structures. Continue reading

The social structure of the societies of the Ancient world

The social structure of the societies of the Ancient world. – History section, the history of the Social Structure of the Ancient East. Eastern Society Was Strictly.

The social structure of the Ancient East. Eastern society was strictly hierarchical, and organized according to the type of the pyramid. The top of the pyramid was occupied by the ruler, sanctified by the gods with power. It was located below know, priests, high officials. Numerous government officials monitored the management and functioning of the state. The soldiers, members of the standing army, provided in-tuculescu and its protection against external enemies.

The bulk of the society were peasants-congregation. The rural community was the basic production unit of society and the basic unit of community was a big Patriarchal family. During the process of privatization appears wealth inequality and, consequently, dependent categories of the population. Dependence could be in the form of debt bondage or rent relations on the ground. Continue reading

Gothic Tarot Vargo

Only one decent conversation with a mysterious deck of Tarot cards Vargo, who knows no fear. Only the fact will become clearer the images on the cards, who is worthy to understand them. The deck of cards of the Gothic Tarot Vargo is considered the most objective and universal. In her bizarre fashion are understandable concerns and fears, passions and attachment, the cause and effect of events, will and coercion. The cards will tell you everything, will thicken the paint and the hazard warning. Joseph Vargo has created a truly objective deck of cards, which combines light and darkness, harmony and chaos.

The Gothic Tarot deck Vargo called grim and dark, bright and merciless. The interpretation of this deck is deep and thorough. Gothic Tarot Vargo causes horror and awe. Maps are provided with images of the stone chimeras, the world of vampires, strange and mysterious creatures.

A deck of Tarot cards Vargo was created based on the Marseilles Tarot and the Tarot of Rider Waite. In this Gothic deck of cards ghosts and vampires, chimeras, living in the cemetery, hiding in the family vault. Involuntarily the question arises, how to find a common language with otherworldly forces, if they want to let the man in his world and to tell the secret hidden behind seven seals. Continue reading

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