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The Stained Glass Windows Of Chartres

To refer to a mosaic of painted window glass, called stained glass Windows we have, in European languages there is no single form and definite content to the term. When naming these works (for example: stained glass windows, painted glass in English; Glasgemalde – in German) descriptive concepts are not accidental. Their meaning indicates that the production of stained glass as an independent type of decorative art appeared in relatively recent historical time. And only the French term “vitrail”, and from which comes our name “stained glass”, is based on the Latin word “vitrum”, pointing to the history of this art form.

The first information about the use of glass in the decoration of public buildings we find in the treatise of Pliny the Elder “Naturalis historia”. Detail in the short history of the art of making pavimento (typesetting sexes, which are based on paintings), Pliny notes that in his day, that is not earlier than the last quarter of the first century BC “driven out of the land pavimenti moved to the vaults of glass”. Later in the literature there are only a few mentions of using coloured glass in window frames. They belong to the IV-VII centuries and come from Byzantium. Continue reading


18 engravings depicting views, section views, and architectural details of one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals, the Cathedral of Cologne, Germany. Also on the engraving depicts the stained glass Windows of the Cathedral and on the two engravings depict other cathedrals in comparison with Cologne Cathedral. The author of the engravings of the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, who together with architect Ernst Friedrich Zwirner supervised the completion of the Cathedral in 1841 (see historical background below). Today the Cathedral is the landmark of Cologne and is a UNESCO world heritage site

Historical background: the Construction of the Cathedral was begun in 1248, when the Archbishop of Cologne Konrad von Hochstaden laid the first Foundation stone of the Cologne Cathedral. The Cathedral was to emphasize the power of Cologne – one of the richest and most powerful cities of the German Empire at that time. Continue reading

The land of miracles

Business services threw me in the Polish city of Konin, about two hours by train West of Warsaw. The night was coming to km 10 from the city, in the village of Personal.

Arriving at this village, I was amazed opened to me views of the Grand structure in the form of a Basilica, with its glittering Golden dome.

Curiosity haunted me and I decided to use the remainder of daylight to get a closer look at this “miracle of Light”, who grew up among forests.

The largest in Poland (7th in Europe, 11th in the world) the Church of the virgin was built from 1994 to 2004 under the project of Polish architect Barbara Bielecka and was consecrated by Pope John Paul II (Pope) in February 2005 (!). The height of the dome of the Basilica of 98 m, the towers are 128 m, length 120 m, width of 77 m. the Central part of the Church and its four corner wing can accommodate 17 thousand parishioners (7 thousand seats and 10 thousand standing places). Continue reading

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