The oldest buildings of mankind

Research work on: “Ancient buildings of mankind and their magical meaning.” Work performed: student of 10th class from MOU “SOSH Chevakinsky” Kandalintseva Radmila, Checked: Teacher of KRK and history Trencheva T. M. 2010.

10 MHC class

a summary of other presentations

“The architecture of the land of the pharaohs” – the Egypt pyramids. The Pyramid Of Cheops. The great Sphinx of Giza. The architecture of the land of the pharaohs. The rock tombs. The great pyramids. The image of the Sun God. The pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser. A portrait of the Pharaoh. The Pyramid Of Khafre. Stones. Torso. The statue of the Pharaoh Khafre. An obelisk. Tomb. Tomb.

“The realism of the 19th century” – Rousseau introduced the concept of “intimate landscape”. Around Russo formed the circle of his fellow artists. Realism. “The land of constable” was the river valley Grandparents in Suffolk. Realism in the visual arts of the nineteenth century. John Constable. Charles Daubigny. Julien Dupre. “Validity”. The history of realism. Jules Breton. Critical realism. The Dupre landscape with cloudy sky and a variety of motifs. Theodore Rousseau. “Evening”.

“The monuments of Ancient Rome” – the Walls of the Coliseum. Attractions. Three flights of stairs. Roman forum. Rome. While stands the Coliseum stands Rome. The Architecture Of Ancient Rome. The most ambitious of extant Roman buildings. Saturdays the temple erected by the Consul Titus Lariam. Columns. The Colosseum. The arc de Triomphe. Italy. The History Of Ancient Rome. Caesar. During the forum there were a lot of buildings. The Column Of Trajan. Metelli. A Grand domed Church.

“Monuments of old Russia” – the Church of Boris and Gleb. Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir. Elias Church. St. George’s Cathedral. Elegant decorations. The art of woodcarving. The Church of our Savior on the Nereditsa. St. Demetrius Cathedral. The Church of St. George in Staraya Ladoga. Inside the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. Pyatnitskaya Church. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Pereslavl-Zalessky. The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. The Temple Of Elijah The Prophet. For many years Russia was a country of wood.

“Paintings of the Early Renaissance” – the Most significant surviving works are the frescoes of Masaccio. Miracle with Princess stateira (CA. 1425). The fresco of the Trinity, CA. 1427, Santa Maria Novella, Florence. In the center of attention of the Florentine artists was a man standing there. Fra Filippo Lippi 1406-1469. Majestic Central perspective construction. The Coronation Of Mary. The fresco of Golgotha in the Cathedral of San Clemente. Florence. Sandro Botticelli is one of the most prominent artists of the Italian Renaissance.

“Greek sculpture” the Canon of polykleitos. Doriphor. Spearman. Skopas. The Venus De Milo. Marble. A period of rapid spiritual life of Greece. The parameters of the statue. Greek sculpture. Lisipp. The safety and whereabouts. Discus thrower. Beauty. Miron.

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