The Mystery Of The Great Pyramid

The great Pyramid is the best studied and surveyed building in the world, what is a good reason. This is the largest and most mysterious man-made monument on Earth, Arcanum Organon, keeps its secrets. No other design is so much captivated the imagination of people and not so bravely withstood all the attempts of scholars to explain its purpose. Although pyramidology made a huge step forward with the people, not blinkered by academic paradigms of Orthodox history and Egyptology engineers, physicists, geologists, astronomers, curious journalists and enthusiasts of all stripes, from Christians to preachers of the “new Age”, in the end, everyone saw what you used or wanted to see. Almost all considered the Great Pyramid as something beautiful and amazing, with a touch of benevolence: the triumph of geometry, astronomy, physics and engineering of the glorious Golden age, peace-loving message of bygone era, embodied in stone silence and turned to the inquisitive minds of our time.

Many who stood at the base of this magnificent building, admired, and were covered by the understandable reverence for the civilization that could build such a magnificent tomb, or the Observatory, or the mechanism, or “prophecy in stone”. I stood in the same place, also covered trembling,but I shudder at the thought of a civilization that could build such a monument of human malice, such a monstrous machine. In a sense, I share the hypothesis of the “prophecy in stone”, because this civilization was very similar to ours, i.e., capable of miracles of technology, prone to mass destruction and almost total moral collapse. In the deepest sense, the Great Pyramid is not only a prophecy but a warning.

Thus, this study is fundamentally different from previous attempts to explain the purpose of the structures built on the Giza plateau. I agree with some aspects of previous studies. For example, I assume that:

1. The explanation offered by the official historians and Egyptologists traditional, completely unsatisfactory, so:

(a) these structures are traces of the existence of a highly developed “paloozaville”;

(b) humanity is far older than it is assumed in the framework of the existing historical paradigm;

(b) structures on the Giza plateau embody the physics and technology of a civilization as advanced as ours, if not more;

(g) although modern researchers agree with the religious interpretation of the structures on the Giza plateau, adopted by traditional Egyptologists, they argue that this interpretation does not belong to the civilization that built them, but was imposed subsequently representatives of another culture that occupied these structures, namely the ancient Egyptian civilization. One way or another, as will be shown, this interpretation is partly the result of circumstances and partly the result of concerted efforts and a secret plan highly-developed paloozaville to preserve the physical, geometric and mathematical knowledge, and hence the functional use of these facilities.

2. Celestial, solar and terrestrial relationships, embodied in the Pyramid, do have a place and represents its auxiliary function as an astronomical Observatory and the “time capsule”. But it’s not the basic functions that were included in the intention of its original builders. They weren’t going to send a message or a prophecy for a future era — at least to begin with. The main objective of these complex mathematical and physical characteristics were far from benevolent astrological or prophetic qualities ascribed to it by later civilizations and interpreters. Moreover, they lay at the Foundation of physics, which, in my opinion, made possible the Death Star Giza. Partial reconstruction of physics is the objective of this study. Thus, my main divergence with other non-traditional interpretations is that the technology of the civilization that built the Giza, was not designed for peaceful purposes.

But before proceeding to the analysis and evaluation, it is necessary to dispel the apparent absurdity of the traditional explanations of Egyptologists, stating that these massive structures

especially the Great Pyramid with its strikingly anomalous engineering and mathematical qualities are the tombs of the pharaohs. No one has more eloquently impartially and accurately demonstrate the absurdity “of the hypothesis tombs than Peter Lemesurier, who himself is a proponent of the hypothesis “time capsule” or “prophecy in stone”.

But how and why it was built? Its internal logic rejects any attempt of analysis.

Why do historians… who knew absolutely nothing about the origin of the project is naturally inclined to rampant generalizations on the basis of scattered fragments of knowledge about late dynastic eras? It is believed that the Egyptians were obsessed with death and immortality, so they embalmed the dead, and prepared for life in another world. The project of construction of the great Pyramid supposedly is the embodiment of this obsession, amplified to the nth degree, We’re trying to portray a kind of Gothic melodrama, unsurpassed in its antediluvian idiocy. The Pharaoh Cheops, who suffered from delusions of grandeur and he reflected on the fate of his eternal soul, decided to put all the resources of his Kingdom to the construction of enormous edifices, dedicated to the necromancy indulging his fantasies of immortality. In order to satisfy the superstitious whim of one man, thousands of slaves toiled day after day, moving huge stone blocks on ramps powerful using primitive levers, blocks and ropes. The guards, recruited from the Hollywood crowd, shouting rude orders and waved even more rough drawings…

And the result? The great Pyramid is so huge and perfect monument, its construction would be strained to the limit, all the engineering skills and resources that can offer even modern technology…

It’s not just about the technology. Suffice it to say that a project of this scale quite literally would be an intolerable burden on the economies of even the most powerful modern States.

What conclusion can we draw about the hypothesis of “Pharaoh’s tomb”, which still can be found in any school textbook in the Western world?

The sad truth is that no historian has yet offered a convincing explanation for the construction of the great Pyramid. No living person really knows how it was erected a Pyramid, how long did the construction, how her nearly perfect orientation was achieved long before the invention of the compass and by what means part of its outer shell were connected and polished with such unsurpassed accuracy No historian has yet offered a coherent theory explaining why such a Grand event it was deemed necessary for the construction of a conventional tomb and funeral monument for the deceased king, who, apparently, never used it.

Considering mathematical and physical apparatus, embodied in this marvel of engineering, “we have no choice but returning to the question of “how” and “why”. The generally accepted answer is no longer good enough”. Considering these problems, we inevitably return to widespread traditions of ancient world civilizations about the “catastrophic destruction of the previous world, whose knowledge and technical achievements far surpassed our understanding of the so-called ancient cultures and perhaps even surpassed the level of our own civilization”

Therefore, any unconventional explanation of the structures at Giza based on three fundamental assumptions:

1.0 may have been built by people of highly developed paloozaville order, best to clarify:

(a) using a careful analysis of the relevant ancient texts;

(b) when comparing these texts with the analysis of the structure constructions on the basis of the latest physical theories and informed scientific hypotheses.

2. The human civilization that built the Pyramid appears to have reached a technological level sufficient for interplanetary travel.

3. This civilization is much inferior to the previous level of science and technology, has imposed on the Pyramid their interpretation, using the most technical language accessible to them, namely the religious and astrological descriptions, typical of the ancient priestly caste.

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