The most unusual houses and buildings of the world

The most impressive are those of the original building. But remember and caress the eye and warm the soul, those which are made with careful diligence and a warm spirit. Of these, in fact, very little. But what they are. Look at the most cozy, but the Grand creation of human hands.

Casa Battlo, Barcelona, Spain

Famous building built by the architect Gaudi in 1877, art Nouveau&art Nouveau. The current owner made a Supplement in the form of facade cladding ceramic tiles, lanterns and an arched roof. In the end, from afar, the facade began to resemble the back of a dragon.

Neverwas haul

A curious building-a train of Victorian times. Built in 2006 in California. Symbolizes eternal peace, the unity of the past and modern technology.

Even the name is very similar to the name “Castle howl”. Really, some extraordinary fairytale castle — not a castle, a house is not a house.

“Cell” a house in Jerusalem, Israel

In 1970 the house was built by Zvi Hecker, it was the plan of implementation of innovative projects in response to proposals of Orthodox architects of the time.

The house on Isla mujeres, Mexico

Private house for rent.It is surrounded by wonderful panoramas of the Caribbean sea. The house looks like a shell, and the decor inside is appropriate. Octavio Ocampo, architect, designed his home with his brother Eduardo. Eduardo also has his home on the island, but more traditional.

It is noteworthy that for interior interior used unusual materials: coral (sink and toilet), sink (hooks, shelves, decorative elements). The house has no corners – everything is rounded, gently undulating, but not annoying, there is no feeling of dizziness and lack of harmony.

The ideal Palace of Ferdinand Cheval, France

This house the architect built from 1879 to 1923. He wanted it and was buried there, but the French law does not provide. Then he built close to the cemetery of Hauterives, the mausoleum, and when he died in 1924, where he remained, buried with military honors.

The building was built in many different styles. The architect carefully controlled so that the facade of the building were biblical and Hindu motifs, tiles and beautiful ornament. A wonderful place is as visited as the Louvre.

In the beginning, master of all no one helped. He brought stones on the cars, worked at night by a kerosene lamp.

Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain

It’s not the building, and mass of the buildings. The houses here look like gingerbread houses, all colorful, playful, but not childish. Just a peculiar style. Very delicious place.

This is also a product of Gaudi. Prolific master left a rich legacy. The Park was built between 1900 and 1914. Unfortunately, this project is not completed, and people collect the funds to finish it.

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