The most famous Catholic churches

Writes about Catholic churches is impossible not to remember the world’s largest Cathedral of St. Peter, which is in the Vatican. According to legend, its construction began in 324 ad. The altar was laid over the grave of one of the apostles of Christ – Peter, martyred. The Shrine is striking in its scope, architecture, interior, art, the works of Raphael, Michelangelo, Bramante, Bernini and other famous people from different eras.

The tallest Church in the Gothic style is the Cologne Cathedral. Tower and facade decorated with hundreds of sculptures, and the Windows have stained glass. Gray, amazingly beautiful lace and tall at 157 meters, make a lasting impression. Besides his appearance, the Cathedral is also known as the storage location of one of the main religious shrines – sarcophagus with the relics of the Magi.

One of the most popular Catholic cathedrals is Notre-Dame de Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral). Novels written about him, films. he is considered the spiritual symbols of the French capital. Tourists from different countries want to visit the temple, where for many centuries was held for the Royal wedding, the Imperial coronation, to see their inner magnificence and to experience the grandeur of this Holy place.

The Spanish Sagrada Familia is known not only for its unusual appearance, but also the duration of erection. Construction since 1882 and still denine completed. The tallest temple tower decorated with stucco, sculptures, carvings and ceramic tiles have become the emblem of Barcelona.

The Church of Las Lajas, which is built on a bridge over a deep gorge over the river Guitar and resembles a castle-fortress. The main relic of the temple is miraculous, rock the icon, considered miraculous. Annually to the Shrine attracts thousands of pilgrims wishing to be healed or to pray a prayer of thanksgiving.

There are still many Catholic churches, has its own flavor, such as an unusual shape (Cathedral of Brasilia), the richness and diversity of decor (the Milan Duomo), original stained glass (the new York St. Patrick’s Cathedral) and more. But all churches are United by one thing – a clear link between different epochs, between the past, present and future.

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