The longest bridge in the world

It is not easy to determine which bridges are the longest in the world. In the last few years between scientists conducted real wars when measuring the length of the longest bridge on the planet! One of the main issues that hinder the measurement is like this: what would be considered a bridge?

The bridge must be built over water? To consider whether the bridges, the overpasses? What if only part of the bridge goes over the water? Of course, all these issues are particularly important if the bridge claims the title of Guinness record holder . We present to your attention the longest bridges, whether they are laid on water or land.

Saratov bridge was thrown across the Volga river in Saratov. At the time of opening the monument in 1965 . it was the longest bridge in the Soviet Union . The bridge is 2 803,7 m . and it connects Saratov, located on the Western (right) Bank of the Volga river from Engels on the left Bank of the river.

24. Jubilee Parkway

The jubilee Parkway is a pair of concrete viaducts that pass interstate 10 . It connects several States of the USA .

23. The Confederation Bridge

The Confederation bridge connects Prince Edward island with the canadian Brunswick . This bridge is the longest in the world, covered with ice in semnalate.

22. New Ulyanovsk bridge

New Ulyanovsk bridge built over the river Volga in Ulyanovsk region . It connects the municipal center with the Eastern part of Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk region. This is the second longest bridge in Russia and one of the longest bridges in Europe . The length of the New Ulyanovsk bridge is $ 19,98 km

21. Bridge Dipangkorn Rasmijoti

This bridge is part of a thirteen kilometre long industrial road that connects Bangkok with provicia Samut Prakan . Bridge Dipangkorn Rasmijoti double-crosses the Chao Phraya river and has a span of 702 meters and 582 . The bridge is supported by two pillars in the shape of diamonds with a height of 173 meters and 164.

This bridge, located in the Bay Guanabara in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro . he has a second name: the bridge President Costa and Silva . The bridge connects Rio to niterói municipality . Rio-Niteroi – the longest concrete bridge in the southern hemisphere and the sixth longest in the world.

Pinanski bridge connects George town on Penang island and Seberang Pry on the Malay Peninsula . The total length of the bridge is 13.5 km . it is the longest in Malaysia and fourth largest in Southeast Asia.

18. The bridge through Kama

The bridge through Kama is part of the trails and highways r239 built near the settlement, Magpie Mountain in the Republic of Tatarstan . If we add to the length of the bridge length of all flyovers, part of which it is, will be the longest bridge system in Russia.

17. The bridge Vasco da Gama

The bridge Vasco da Gama bridges over the Tagus river in Lisbon – capital of Portugal . Including the length of the viaduct, is the longest bridge in Europe (17.2 km).

16. Aérotrain test track

Today, this French Aérotrain Test track no longer used, in the 1970s, he intensively exploited. Some of the spans of the bridge collapsed, however, in the remaining parts, you can imagine how it looked huge building.

15. The Incheon Bridge

The bridge built in Incheon Korea e recently – in 2009 . This is the second connection branch between the island and Yongju area of Incheon.

14. The bridge of the 6th October

The bridge of the 6th October is a viaduct in the Central part of Cairo – capital of Egypt. The bridge length is 20.5 km . He double-crosses the river Nile . from territories in the West Bank, through Gezira island to downtown Cairo; from Cairo international airport to the Eastern part of the country. Its name the bridge was named in honor of the fallen in the October war of 1973.

13. The bridge-tunnel over Chesapeake Bay

The total length of the bridge consists of nineteen kilometer overpass, 1.6 km of tunnels, four artificial Islands, two high-rise bridges, approximately 3.2 km of dams and 8.9 km of access roads.

12. Bridge Jintang

Jintang the bridge was built in the Chinese Gushan archipelago is the largest island group of China .

Technically Qingdao Bay bridge – the longest bridge in the world, sooruzenii over the water. However, some parts are over land, so the lead is bridge # 4 in our ranking.

Atchafalaya bridge built in the U.S. state of Louisiana, connecting Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

9. Shanghai Maglev train

30 miles of paved overpass from the international airport of Pudong in the suburbs of Shanghai . where passengers convenient transfer to the subway.

8. Bridge Donghai

The Donghai bridge is one of the longest bridges stretching above the sea surface. The total length of this bridge is 32.5 km . It connects Shanghai with Yangshan port in China.

7. Golanski suspension bridge

Golanski suspension bridge – a huge bridge complex that crosses the Yangtze river in the Chinese province of Jiangshi . The complex consists of two bridges connecting Jinjang on the South Bank of the river and on the North Yangju. The bridge is part of highway Beijing – Shanghai.

6. The bridge across the Hangzhou Bay

The length of this bridge is 35,637 km . and he is one of the longest TRANS-oceanic bridges in the world.

5. Bridge Manchak

Concrete bridge Manchak . built in the U.S. state of Louisiana, is located around lake Pontchartrain .

4. The bridge-Causeway across lake Pontchartrain

Bridge dam consists of two parallel bridge structures, the longest of which has a length 38,35 km . It is the longest bridge in the world, built over the water.

3. Highway Bang Na

Located in Thailand, the Bang na highway is a viaduct and has 6 lanes. Until 2010 the railway was the longest bridge construction in the world, one big part of this viaduct passes over land and not over water.

2. Tianjin viaduct

Tianjin Grand bridge is a railway viaduct – part high-speed highway Beijing – Shanghai. The bridge connects Langfan and Quarxian . The total length of this second longest bridge in the world is 113, 7 km away.

This is the longest bridge in the world! Its length is 164,8 km . The viaduct is part of highway Beijing – Shanghai, and lies in the territory of rivers, lakes, canals and paddy fields.

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