Stonehenge, etc

Stonehenge and other megaliths, menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs

Dolmen monuments. The mysterious megaliths of Britain, Ireland, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Far East. No written sources, only a strange laconic signs on some buildings. Polyarchies traces misunderstood culture of forgotten peoples.

February 12, 2005 in new Zealand’s Wairarapa village opened a “New Stonehenge”, is very similar to his famous British “cousin”.

first I must say that the new Stonehenge — not an exact copy of a stone monster of Salisbury plain (Stonehenge), although the base size is almost the same.

And it’s not an easy tourist attraction. Stonehenge Aotearoa is a full-scale adaptation of their ancestor for their proper functioning on the other side of the planet. What kind of work? Of course — an indication of astronomical events.

The authors of the project not just correctly Orient your stones to show the point of sunrise during the summer solstice or the vernal equinox. They “crammed” their ancient Stonehenge mass (and not) knowledge.

Here was used by the obelisk, invented in Mesopotamia 8 thousand years ago, stone circles, was found in usaeurope, not only in the original Stonehenge (the oldest of them belong to the year 3000 BC), and, for example, Polynesian star compass, developed in South-East Asia five thousand years ago.

For example, more than 20 specific points of structure indicate the sunrises and sunsets of the brightest stars in certain seasons.

However, the authors of the project were forced to abandon the “ancient wisdom” that dealt with the technology of erection of the structure itself.

A replay of the original here would be too expensive and time consuming. Instead, the team “Phoenix” has built the pillars and lintels made of wood, closed with cement and wire mesh, with the final finishing of the concrete.

Dr. Andrew Fitzpatrick (Andrew Fitzpatrick) from English archaeological organisation Wessex Archaeology stated that the legendary Stonehenge was built by the Welsh, who arrived from South-West Wales.

This conclusion was made by archaeologists as a result of the chemical analysis of the teeth of seven people whose remains by the age of 4 thousand 300 years were found in graves near the ancient buildings in the UK.

By the way, the graves were found last year by workers who laid the pipes on the Salisbury plain.

Welsh origin of the builders of Stonehenge is confirmed by traces of copper sulphate, it is seen on stone slabs.

Meanwhile, early last year, scientists declared that the building involved was a foreigner — probably a native of places that are now occupied by Switzerland, Austria or Germany.

And the basis for such application was the analysis of the teeth, therefore in this history to put while early.

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