The relevance of the topic lies in the fact that, “despite the efforts of generations of scientists, the dolmens are still understudied monuments” (markovin V. I.). The dolmens are of great practical (for tourism development), and scientific interest. Although for most of us as residents of the far Eastern region, a special attraction are the dolmens of the Far East, in Russia the greatest interest to us are the dolmens of the Western Caucasus, as the most numerous izuchennye.

When considering the topic of Korean dolmens we used the textbook “Archaeology abroad Asia”, historical and archaeological sketch of the “Ancient Korea” M. V. Vorobyeva and a number of articles. The problem of the existence of dolmens in Primorye, for many experts and ordinary people, has virtually no literature. The only exception is the article by D. L. Brodskogo and A. A. Krupenko “do the dolmens in Primorye”. Continue reading

Forgotten reality

1. The Maltese megalithic temples, Malta

The Maltese temples are the oldest man-made structures on Earth. Scientific research has proven that the temples were built a thousand years before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Scientists can’t understand, how could people at that time, without the use of special equipment to erect such buildings. After all, many monolithic stone slabs, from which were built the temples, weigh over fifty tons. Circumstantial evidence showed that on the territory of Malta in those times people lived giants, whom it was easy to move multi-ton monoliths. No answer to the question, what kind of civilization existed on the given territory, and where did the builders of stone temples. After all, more than anywhere else on Earth it was not revealed similar structures. Continue reading

The oldest structures of our planet

The pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara is the oldest surviving in the world architectural buildings. It was built prominent Egyptian architect and Supreme dignitary of Djoser by Imhotep around 2650 BC as a burial structure for the Egyptian Pharaoh and his entire family.

Pyramid was the first in Ancient Egypt, her height was 62 m, and the size of its Foundation was h meters.

The oldest structures also include the pyramid of Sneferu in Medumi. built around 2600 BC. The pyramid had a height of 118 meters with the base h meters. Also the oldest architectural structures are the Egyptian pyramids of Cheops and Chephren. One of the largest of the pyramids of Egypt – pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven wonders of the world, preserved to our days. Its construction began around the year 2560 BC and lasted for more than 20 years. The pyramid of Khafre was built about the year 2532 BC, it is considered the second largest ancient Egyptian pyramid, with the base 215,h,3 meters. Continue reading

The ancient defenses of the Caucasus

Archaeologists of the ancient defensive structures of the Caucasus

Scientists suggest that the ruins of ancient fortifications in Derbent are part of the mysterious “great wall”, designed to protect civilization from the end of the world.

A Grand fortress Naryn-Kala in Derbent and today it is regarded as a masterpiece of fortification art. Powerful citadel easily soars over the top of the mountain, like a castle in the air. It is unlikely that the inhabitants of ancient Derbent seen the castle like this – for them the Naryn-Kala was an impregnable bulwark, which sheltered them from the claims of many empires – from Persia treacherous greedy to Byzantium. Continue reading

Encyclopedia on the History

Where the water – there is life

Man needs home, food, clothing, fire, water – these are the main conditions of existence. The house can be built of logs, if there’s a forest, lay stone or brick, Vilalonga from clay and dried in the sun as four and a half thousand years ago did the Sumerians, or just how the most ancient people, to find a cave and live in it. No clothes at all you can do, when it’s warm outside, so went many ordinary citizens of Ancient Egypt. You can sew clothes from the skins of dead animals on the hunt, weaving cloth from the fibers of plants (cotton, flax) and wrap it or tie goat hair. Food you can get on the hunt, to catch in the sea, the river, to pick some from the trees, to gather in the woods, digging up from the soil, to grow in the field and in the garden. Fire in the field receive when they struck a spark from the wreckage of flint or by rubbing each other dry pieces of wood, as this could even primitive people. Continue reading

Waterworks of Ancient Plyos
Ivanovo Institute of civil engineering The formation of river flow occurs in a specific physical-geographical environment, and the regime of rivers respond to all meteorological and hydrological processes within a…

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Dark Shelter
The hunchback of Notre Dame (Notre Dame) (FR. Notre Dame de Paris) — the geographical and spiritual "heart" of Paris, located in the Western part of the île de La…

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How can we return to Paradise
Martinique. After the fall of the level of radiation the animals began to shrink in size. It this phenomenon explains the Renaissance reptiles, known in different Nations under the name…

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