Mysterious places of Kiev

It happened in the XIX century on the very spot where now is located the post office – this place was flying pillows and blankets.

On the site of the post office was flying pillows and blankets

It happened in the XIX century on the very spot where now is located the main post office. Living in the house overcome with horror Dyakonov told the newspaper once in her bedroom began to circle pillows and blankets, and furniture left the “familiar” places.

What is happening, of course, could be attributed to the excited imagination of the ladies, but to witness the antics of the evil forces. the woman called the police. Guards scared confused and could think of nothing better than the bourgeois inhabitants, and its housing seal.

In those days the name “poltergeist” yet, but the incident with Dyakonova is considered to be Europe’s first officially registered anomaly.

Near the Museum is worshiped Perun

The Museum of history of Ukraine can be found not only the ruins of the tithe Church, but pagan altar, preserved from pre-Christian times and excavated by Soviet archaeologists. Quite long sticking out of the ground stones were a kind of outdoor Museum exhibits. But in recent years about them, often you can see modern pagans. They celebrate at the altar of their wedding and spend obratimosti in their faith. And generally consider that this place is closer to their ancient gods.

The Ghost calmed down after the fire

Now the house №16 on Lutheran street is in ruins. But they have a very mysterious history. At the end of the XIX century, laid the house of the Kiev merchant by the name of Sulima. But the end of the construction of his estate magnate did not wait: he’s dead. His heirs could not divide his father’s house, so built the building many years later. And – strange thing! – local residents suddenly began to bypass merchant’s nest tenth road. After all, in the evenings, the estate could hear the moans and wild laughter, and in the Windows of the upper floors appeared a white figure. The house was long the terror of the people until killed by fire.

The serpent moved on Reitarska

Its name zmiiv year got no chance. In pre-Christian legend, here was the lair of the serpent! Its existence is explained by some scholars on science, saying that thousands of years ago in the forests of Europe were still wandering rare heirs to the dinosaurs. That is why in the legends and myths of all countries so many dragons.

One way or another, but the myth ascribes to the victory over the Kiev serpent Cyril Kozhemyaka. Its namesake was St. Cyril’s Church, built centuries later and named after a Christian Saint.

In the nineteenth century, local residents discovered the mountain in a maze of underground tunnels. According to rumors, they hid their treasures, the Hetman Mazepa, although to find them so no one and failed. So, maybe, these moves paved the serpent? By the way, now this legendary reptile, as indicated by the tour guides of the capital, is very much alive and healthy – settled on the facade of a historic building on Pushkin. And in this line he is of no threat.

On Bald mountain wandering soul

Bald mountains in Kiev -five, but it is the one that is located on Vidubichi, – the most mystical place in the capital! Infamous entrenched behind it since the times of Batu Khan. Having captured Kiev, he was immured in Zverinetsky and Kitaevo’s caves of Kiev who had taken refuge there. Since then it is believed that their restless souls roam around here. The mountain is almost never built. It was believed that her chosen evil.

Only at the end of the XIX century tsarist administration, showing itself above the “prejudices”, was built here, Fort Lysa Gora, intending to place it in the artillery. Looking after the strengthening of the military, however, gave strange instructions. So, before going to the guard commanders recommended “to warn the soldier to don’t hesitate incomprehensible noises to show it was only the cries of birds and the gusts of the night wind”.

And soon on Bald mountain began to hang and bury political criminals, thus adding another item in a gloomy biography of this place. By the way, here were executed by Dmitry Bogrov – Stolypin’s assassin.

What rustles Richard castle

Why not just talk about the famous house of Richard on Andrew descent! For example, that he stands here almost from the XII century, and that the English king the lion-heart managed to live in it. And they say, as if the building was initially going to build in St. Petersburg. But someone stole the drawings, and after a while they mysteriously reappeared in Kiev, Ukraine.

In fact, the castle was built in the early XX century, Prince Orlov. A few years later he died under unknown circumstances. The house is sold. It was then in the castle and started to happen strange events. New tenants (the castle by the time he made the apartment) immediately after moving in, began to complain of chilling sounds coming from the vent pipe. Rumors, though settled down in the Palace of evil spirits, some have even seen ghosts in the area. Not wanting to live in ignorance and fear, the bravest of the tenants decided to look into the vent and found there. egg shells. Here’s your clue to anomalies: getting into the tiny holes of the shell, the air was creating a terrible noise.

Here people often die while the water is flowing backwards !

The Kiev scientist Vasily STETSENKO, for many years head of specialized dowsing party at the Ministry of Geology, is sure that the anomalies have a scientific explanation. They say, “bad” places are located where from the depths of the earth comes the energy. Such areas are also called geopathic zones.

– Bald mountain, for example, is the most powerful geopathic zone in Kiev, do not advise anyone to settle on it, – has told Vasily Savvovich “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. – Once I had a chance to climb it together with the employee of the Ukrainian Communist party, which wanted to test its mystical reputation. I took “frame” – device location to determine the bad areas. When they climbed the mountain, felt his fingers cramp and I can’t unclench! My companion had to literally knock the device out of my hands.

Most often, the scientist explained, geopathic areas occur on crustal faults. However, the emergence of some anomalies can provoke and people: for example, the construction will start or enterprise deployed. Sometimes these areas quite tiny – no more than a private house, and sometimes stretch for many kilometers.

– In these areas significantly weakens the magnetic field. I have personally seen that water suddenly started to flow. in the opposite direction! But the worst thing is that these areas have the potential to cause harm to the health or lives of the people here. According to my observations, they are 4 times more likely to suffer cancer, 8 times – heart. And die 7 times more often than usual.

Surprisingly, investigations Stetsenko carefully listened during the Soviet era. Unofficially, of course – because then the art to recognize “bad” places were considered almost pseudoscience. But often addressed to the scientist heads of the cities and party bosses to check where “lives well”. – I made maps of the “bad” places for 40 cities, – says Vasily Savvovich. – Cost management to obtain my report. immediately moved from poor areas in a favorable. I and the Kiev authorities offered to explore the city and map of geopathic zones. But was refused. Although – why be surprised? The appearance of this card would mean that there is something or there is something you cannot build, and wealthy investors would lose money.

The three most “bad” areas of Kiev

The slope of the ravine between St. Andrew’s descent and big Zhitomir

Neighborhood Baikove cemetery

In Mariinsky Park behind the building of the Verkhovna Rada

The three most “good” areas of Kiev

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