How can we return to Paradise

Martinique. After the fall of the level of radiation the animals began to shrink in size. It

this phenomenon explains the Renaissance reptiles, known in different Nations under the name

“dragons” and “monsters”. It is due to the radiation have any Renaissance giants.

Modern man is able to lift half its weight and with

some tension – all weight. Surely it could do and Asuras. Perhaps they

helped in the construction of some cyclopean (megalithic) cult

structures, the same Stonehenge in England or temple “of the Sun and the Dragon” in Brittany

(France). Apparently, transportation and otesyvanii slabs weighing 20 tons, of which laid

miraculously preserved cyclopean structures of antiquity were commonplace.

Cyclopean buildings were matched only by his builders, for example, Baalbek terrace in

Lebanon or the ruins of ancient temples and palaces, located in Egypt at the site of ancient Thebes, called “Karnak”. According to E. P. Blavatsky, “in one of the many halls

Palace of hypostyle “Carnac” with one hundred and forty columns, could easily fit a Cathedral

Notre Dame, not dostigaetca that looked like a small decoration in

the center of the room”1. It is clear that these buildings were not created for the growth of the modern person.

Today, it is considered that the word ASURA is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word

The SURAS (gods) and the particle of negation is “A”, i.e. “NO GODS”. Even in the Vedas they are called demigods, who possessed magical power of Maya. H. P. Blavatsky puts his version of the origin of their

name from the Sanskrit “ACS” – breath. But both of these judgments are far from the truth. The letter “a” in

the beginning of a word only in Latin and Sanskrit, meant the negation, as in old Russian, as

you know, it read “AZ” and meant “I”. Thus, the word “arms” should be translated

as “I am God”. That “sur” is an old Russian root, Russian toponyms indicate, for example the name of the river Penza region, Sura, which means divine.

Close to Sterlitamak level and there are two nearby dune, consisting

from minerals that are beneath the lens of oil. It is possible that this

the graves of two dead Asura (Asuras such graves in the territory of Russia a lot). From

the decayed bodies of formed oil, and bone – mineral substances.

1 H. P. Blavatsky the Theosophical Glossary, M, publishing house “Sphere”, 1994, p. 199

11. The lifespan of the Asuras

The life expectancy of our ancestors was unusually high. According To E. P.

Blavatsky (as it refers to the priest of the temple of Bel Beroza, author of “History of cosmogony”), Alapar, the second divine ruler of Babylon, ruled for 10 800 years, and the first ruler –

ALOR – 36 000 years. The seventh ruler of the Taoist rules ten Saratov, one Saros, as we

pointed – 960 000 years, i.e. the time of his reign, amounted to 9 600 000 years.

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