House in the Gothic style

House in the Gothic style

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The origin of the Gothic style

As it began, style, dark beautiful its beauty? I did my research. According to my observations, all the fashionable ideas caught by the French. Bring them already a little bit lazy (by nature wise, and the presents were distributed equally in the creation of the world). Therefore lawsuits to bring other Nations, so be it.

So, in the city, not even Paris, was a temple of Jupiter, the work of the ancient Romans and ancient Gauls. When it came time to build churches Christian, militant of the noble knights quickly cleared a place “before the Foundation, and then”, and built on it first, already in the city with the name of the Paris Christian Church. He called it St. Stephen’s Basilica (not the knights, of course, those left to clean up the land further, building architects). Photos are not preserved from the time that fires, you know, was rampant.

I don’t know why, but this temple was destroyed. The French in the TWELFTH century is not very fond of physical labor. Clearly more than a hundred years built the Basilica, barely had time to rest, and again the prospect of pump sleeves for a couple of centuries. Naturally, this was the cause of the dark mood. But the ideas, in the wind French fly! The architects joined a bad mood with inspiration, and revealed to the world Soberalski of our lady, dark and beautiful as their state of mind — the Notre Dame de Paris. About a hundred years drove the Germans through Paris, and the Cathedral is already built, just trim left! Notre Dame de Paris, the first major building in the Gothic style, was built from 1163 on 1345.

In its barbaric Germany is nothing like they have not seen. So all I could say is “mein Gott. “which means, “o Lord, how wonderful creations your children!”. And, making quick sketches, he turned the horses back to build the same house. And the word “Gothic” remained a good name looking to the heavens buildings.

I do not claim the truth of his theory. Can create your own, but in the thirteenth century the Germans promoted a new style from France to Europe. Building without a mural, but with stained-glass Windows high have become popular with architects. And today adorn any major city. It would be far more if not for stupid human war.

The Italians don’t agree with me. They attribute the term “Gothic” to Rafael, who as “gottico”, “barbaric” baptized before the Pope pointed arches of the buildings, which are so liked his gentle soul revivalist. Be that as it may, but not the movie “Twilight” symbolizes the Gothic culture and beautiful buildings of the world.

In addition to those pictured are many others, each country has enriched the style with new features. Wikipedia explains to us the most characteristic Gothic buildings. “Almost all of the architecture of Gothic cathedrals is due to one major invention of the time — new skeleton design, which makes these easily recognizable cathedrals.”

This principle is dramatically different from the cylindrical Romanesque forms. And elements, by the way, in Muslim culture, looks great. Today we remember all that is good is forgotten. Goth fashion for came and in private homes. Bewitching Gothic mystery leaves no one indifferent. And the hearts of romantics obey her completely.

A country house in the Gothic style is an exclusive format. And has nothing to do with the gloomy medieval castles. Except that the reliability and fundamental nature — a feature common to them. The house suited to the natural environment naturally and organically, garden landscape sounds like a final harmonious chord.

As you can see, it is possible to take only certain characteristic features — sharp spire, or the pointed arch of the window, or stained glass, or patterned characteristic ligature on the finish, and the style is guessed immediately. And then you can apply all sorts of modern advances on the market of finishing — artificial stone, of plaster on the wax, still your home is already associated with a fairytale castle. Only the tale is not grim-depressive-medieval, and kind. And all the stories in the confines of your home in Gothic style will end well. Because the form is in harmony with the content. And the content is the residents themselves who built a mini-castle to live in happily ever after.

Features of Gothic buildings

There are some interesting points in Gothic, which you can take on Board. Chief among these is the ” romance of space “. Numerous turrets of the Gothic buildings are repeated many times in different places, as if reflected, turning from the real presence in the image of one another. And if they cease to be real, creating an illusionary space in which slightly lost sense of time and place. This is a distinctive “chip” of Gothic architecture.

Another feature is ” miniaturization “. This repetition of large items on a smaller scale. For example, in furniture or in the fireplace. Gothic fireplace can be repeated in a unique setting of a castle.

And the third “trick” — mystic light. Architects and designers, lovers of the Gothic, belong to the light with great care. In high Lancet tracery vaulting the rays start a game, capable of dissolving itself in any reality. This is also related to the colored reflections that cast a stained-glass Windows. Stained glass is an indispensable attribute of magic in the Gothic style. Today, not only in Windows and doors is fashionable to do stained glass, but in the ceiling, using the backlight, and even in different scenes.


Initially a favorite for the style color is strangely purple. He symbolized the Union of red and blue. That is, the flesh of the earthly and disembodied heaven. But if we talk about interior modern, characteristic of the style will be dark red and blue, white and black color “aged metal”.

External “Gothic” view of the house attach turrets and characteristic Windows, wrought iron items — bars on the Windows, for example. But most importantly, do not forget, goth is an aspiration to heaven, that is, vertical orientation, vertical orientation. The whole house must be pulled upward, and become subtle in its detail, the higher they are.

Examples of Gothic houses

Consider the following example. The house has the minimum features of the Gothic — a dark brick, arched lines, turrets, etc. But we will see, the building itself is squat and powerful, it seems to say: “we’ll see how firmly I stand on the ground”. It is closer to the Romanesque style, as it is almost entirely Romanesque.

The following photo is the clean lines in the style of “Gothic”, strict straight lines, stretching up. If you can simulate the old neglected garden at least in one of the corners of your landscape environment, paving a track round paving stones, appearance can be considered perfectly complete.

Shown on the picture the gate of aged boards, concrete casting curly and overgrown is a perfect entrance to a Gothic manor. In order to achieve this effect, designers use the methods, allowing to reach in a short time what makes nature for decades at least! Tree scratched by the brush, which takes the entire soft wood, the brick is painted in several layers and the paint immediately erased. Bring in a garden of Mature trees, everything is toned, oxidized, instantly sostarivaniya.

Here’s the paradox, by the way, in our time, people are passionate about the rejuvenation of his personality and the aging of things, surrounding them. So I want to look good on the background of eternity. But artificially “running” the garden with thickets of wild rose, roses, vine and ivy, with surfaces covered by moss exclusively creates a lyrical atmosphere and will not leave you indifferent.

Architectural forms in the form of ancient ruins is an indispensable add — on that you can also create hands of stone, mortar and moss. All this natural wildness allegorically elite plants such as clematis, roses, lilies…

What do you do with the interior (more details in the article Gothic style in the interior ). Now I can only focus on what in order inside the house a glimpse of the Gothic style, with a few strokes, otherwise you will live as in a Museum, every corner risking to meet a Ghost.

In order not to get lost in the accessories, it helps to keep in mind the image that Gothic romance, sophistication, and aspiration up. Then you will not want to clutter a small room with massive objects.

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