Gothic cathedrals of France

Architecture of France attracts with its eclectic style, in which traces of its great history. Now we will introduce you to the most famous Gothic cathedrals in France.

Amiens Cathedral will definitely attract your attention. It is the largest Cathedral of the Gothic style.

The construction was carried out with 1220-12888, the Width of the Cathedral is 145 meters, width 60 meters, height of the highest point of the temple and 42.5 meters. The size is really impressive. It can accommodate up to 10 thousand people at a time, which is comparable in capacity with an average stadium. Just imagine this building! In terms of volume, it surpasses the Amiens Cathedral all Gothic cathedrals.

The name of the Cathedral comes from the city where it is built – Amiens, which is located in the North of France. The Cathedral belongs to the Catholic diocese of Amiens. It was very interesting to see this unique architectural construction, and on going to visit in a new city Amiens, we could not determine with the choice of hotel, the search was complicated by the fact that we all have different ability to pay.

Amoskeag apparently is a classic Gothic in the Architecture. Architectural ideas supplemented by sculptures. The Western facade is the most beautiful. The Cathedral has 4 tiers. In the center of the second tier is a statue of Christ that has been preserved since the middle Ages. Also note the large window-rose. It was built in the 15th century and it still surprises with its beauty visitors to the Church.

Inside the Cathedral all modestly and strictly, as it was in “Gothic times” of the middle Ages. Here you should pay attention to 110 seats of the choir, which were made s the 16th century and preserved until now. They are decorated with figures depicting scenes from the old Testament.

Artsci Cathedral is another beautiful building of the middle Ages, which belongs to the Catholic diocese and is located in the city Shart.

Hence the name. This Cathedral is located near Paris, accessible transport, if desired. And to see and its definitely worth it because it is considered one of the masterpieces of architecture in the style of “Gothic” and in 1979 UNESCO put it on the list of world heritage sites. Here is an ancient Christian relic – the Holy shroud of the virgin Mary.

The history of the construction of this temple very interesting. In its place there are several churches that have died in the fires and in the end, after a great fire that destroyed almost the entire city, residents found that the Romanesque Cathedral burned down completely. Towers at the Western façade survived and the residents took it as a sign from above and started collecting donations for the construction of a new temple, in which will be inscribed the surviving towers and the facade. So in 1260 took place Shatsky lighting of the Cathedral, which was attended by the Royal family and Louis IX himself.

Most interesting is that Shatsky Cathedral was never restored and had not been rebuilt since the end of the XIII century. He appears to visitors untouched! The interior has about 10 thousands of sculptures made of stone and glass. The North and South entrances are also adorned with sculptures of the XIII century.

Shortski the Cathedral has an astronomical clock on the South side, which were made in the 16th century.

In working condition, they showed the sunrise and sunset, moon phase, time of day, day of week, month, current sign of the Zodiac. It is a pity that the clock mechanism broke down in 1790-ies. To fix it could not.

Inside the Cathedral you like more than Amiens. It is decorated with sculptures that depict scenes from the life of Christ and the virgin Mary, and famous for its stained glass Windows, which cover an area of about 2000 square meters. It is over 150 boxes, some of which have survived since the 12th century! Stained glass is also a unique extraordinary intensity and purity of colors, the secret of making which has been lost.

Reims Cathedral built in the 13th century and is called Notre Dame de Ramey. Not to be confused with Notre Dame de Paris. It’s different cathedrals, although they were both dedicated to our lady. The Reims Cathedral is also included in the UNESCO World heritage site. Reims Cathedral is famous for the fact that it crowned almost all the kings of France.

During the First world War, the Cathedral suffered badly. He remained in the combat zone until the end of the war. As a result of numerous bombings, architecture, statues, stained-glass Windows and facades suffered greatly. Something restored, something failed. A large rose stained-glass window was restored only partially. The building restoration is still ongoing. Sculptural masterpieces of the Cathedral and their remains, collected after the bombing in currently collected and stored in a former Episcopal Palace, which was built in the late XVII century.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims architecture is considered the most harmonious of Gothic churches. The height of the towers approximately 80 meters. This Cathedral, like many other Gothic churches, built on the site of the burned Romanesque Church from the 9th-10th centuries. Inside the NIF temple laid out a labyrinth with inscriptions, which you can read about the architects since the construction of the Temple to determine who is what part of it built.

The main difference between the Notre Dame Cathedral in Raimi from Notre Dame de Paris is that its towers with facades form a single whole. The Windows and doorways of the Temple are decorated with stone openwork finial, which is so characteristic of this style of architecture. In 15th century the Temple was completed “Gallery of Kings”, decorated with several large statues.

The General scheme of the Western façade is similar to the architecture of Notre-Dame de Paris, but is characterized by a elongation of up. That is, vertically above looks and more. The side facades of Reims Cathedral is decorated with large, almost contiguous Windows, and drainpipes are decorated with gargoyles.

One of the most famous Gothic cathedrals in the world is Notre Dame de Paris – the hunchback of Notre Dame. About it should write in detail, because this temple is glorified all over the world in the musical, but the main value of it is that here is the Crown of Thorns of Jesus Christ.

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