Forgotten reality

1. The Maltese megalithic temples, Malta

The Maltese temples are the oldest man-made structures on Earth. Scientific research has proven that the temples were built a thousand years before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Scientists can’t understand, how could people at that time, without the use of special equipment to erect such buildings. After all, many monolithic stone slabs, from which were built the temples, weigh over fifty tons. Circumstantial evidence showed that on the territory of Malta in those times people lived giants, whom it was easy to move multi-ton monoliths. No answer to the question, what kind of civilization existed on the given territory, and where did the builders of stone temples. After all, more than anywhere else on Earth it was not revealed similar structures.

2. 2. Sardinian ziggurat Sardinia

Sardinian ziggurat was constructed more than five and a half thousand years ago and was an important religious center. During the Second World war, the ziggurat was completely destroyed, as this place was the line of defense. But since 1954 Sardinian ziggurat began to restore and rebuild.

3. Newgrange, Ireland

Newgrange is one of the attractions of Ireland. The oldest structure was built between 3100 and 2900 years BC. Newgrange is legalitiescanadian, as a building material was used multi-ton stone slabs. The plates were joined together without the use of a special solution. The structure has a height of thirteen meters and the diameter of eighty-five meters.

4. Hulbjerg J?ttestue, Denmark

The building was erected more than five thousand years ago and were used as tombs. The archeologists found in the tomb the remains of four hundred people. The teeth of one of the buried people had traces of healing. The level of ancient dentistry has surprised scientists. Without metal tools, the doctor was able to get a tooth filling is a very high quality.

5. The Pyramid Of Djoser, Egypt

The most ancient in Egypt the pyramid of Djoser was built in the year 2650 BC. The author of the pyramid Imhotep built for the Pharaoh Djoser as of the tomb. The pyramid has a stepped shape, for this reason, in the circles of scientists, archaeologists called the Step pyramid.

6. Caral, Peru

Caral is a city which existed over five thousand years ago, it is considered the oldest urban settlement on the American continent. The city was founded around the same time with other first world civilizations. Scientists hope to find on the town answers to questions of the emergence of the first civilizations. Currently free from sand and is available to tourists and seventeen pyramids. The reasons for the disappearance of Karal is still not installed, it is assumed that people left the city in 1600 BC and moved to other more attractive areas of Peru.

7. Treasury Of Atreus, Greece

The tomb is located in Mycenae, estimated its age of three hundred years. A great contribution to research of the tomb of the famous scientist has made archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. During the excavations it was found that all domed tombs, and there were nine of them, completely looted, but the earlier tombs, built in the sixteenth century BC, remained intact. Archeologists discovered the richest burial, the faces buried in the tomb of men were covered with masks made of gold. The garments of the buried were also decorated with gold. Scientists came to the conclusion that in these tombs lie the bodies of formerly reigning dynasties.

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