Five most mysterious places on the planet

Our earth is full of unique, interesting and mysterious places. All these places have been studied by historians, scientists and archaeologists, but some of them are so ancient, obscure and incomplete, which to this day nobody knows why they were built and for what purposes they served. Now we want to tell you about the most mysterious places of our planet.

The first completely unsolved and mysterious place is the Great Sphinx at Giza. Incredibly, the pyramid was carved from a single monolithic part of the rock. At length the monument is two hundred and forty pounds, and in width twenty pounds, and in height sixty-six pounds. The Sphinx is the largest facility of its kind in the world. Historians believe that the monument served a symbolic function, as there are dozens of tombs, temples and pyramids. In Giza the Great Sphinx stands near the pyramids of Pharaoh Harry and many archaeologists believe that it is his face depicted in this statue.

Underwater pyramids of Yonaguni — known monument, which is located in Japan. It’s perplexing formation, which is not far from the shores of the island Ruku. The structure was discovered in 1987 by a group of divers. The discovery immediately caused a huge amount of debate. The monument itself sostavleny series, which are carved from rock formations including massive platforms and huge stone pillars that lie at depths of five and up to forty meters. In this area the flows are very dangerous, but that did not stop the monument to become the most popular place for diving in all of Japan.

In our land there is an abnormal location of Whitby, which is part of the Abbey and is known worldwide because it produces a large number of ghosts, according to eyewitnesses. In this place is a mysterious castle, which is notorious that his wall inspired the writer of Stoker to write the novel Lord Dracula. To this day, the appearance of ghosts in this castle.

At the end of 1940 were discovered in the jungles of the Central American Republic of Costa Rica mysterious formations created by a stone perfectly round. Balls-the message, as they were called, have a variety of forms: from 10 cm and up to 3 and more meters in diameter. During the execution of the aerial survey it was found that they are scattered across the surface of the earth is no coincidence, since together they form geometric shapes. Today their purpose remains a mystery that nobody can solve.

And last on earth mysterious, and mysterious place is Peru, where you can see the Nazca lines. This line and the icons that are located on a dry plateau in the Nazca desert, Peru. They cover approximately the area within fifty miles. For several hundred years the line remained intact thanks to the dry climate of the region. Scientists have found out who made these lines and how they did it, but still it remains a mystery why they have these lines.

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