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The fate of the Kingdom Tower project was in limbo for almost three years. And just now all the organizational difficulties were resolved and the construction has entered the active phase.

For the first time about the construction of this skyscraper on the territory of the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia was announced back in 2000. Since 2008, this project started several times and suspended in connection with the various difficulties in the way of the organizers. And then, finally, the case was moved from a dead point.

At the moment the project of the Kingdom Tower is planned at approximately 1007 meters tall. Although in the original documents, the engineers wanted to make it even higher. Apparently, something went wrong, causing the height of the building giant had slightly decreased. However, this does not prevent the skyscraper to take its rightful place on the pedestal of the tallest buildings in the world.

Second place after Kingdom Tower is all you are aware of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in height 828 meters. In third place international Finance centre in Penang with a height of 660 meters, but it will be completed only by 2015.

On a building site allotted for the construction of Kingdom Tower, to this day, there were just driven into the sand to a depth of 100 meters giant concrete piles. And up to this point was not clear – whether will begin full-scale construction of this colossal structure or its creators will abandon their ambitious venture.

Soglashaetsa news portal BD Online, the project again began to breathe deeply. Investors finally splurged and invested in the construction of the required $ 1.2 billion and the construction will begin April 27, 2014. To manage the construction, was appointed a British company EC Harris and Mace, which are ready to start implementing the terms of the contract. In 2012, this construction company erected in London skyscraper the Shard height of 306 meters.

While there remain many open questions. about Kingdom Tower. For example, how can affect accommodation at a height of 1007 meters on the human body. Or how to implement the Elevator system inside the skyscraper, if existing models include the length of cable is not more than 500-600 meters, as longer they simply not survive because of the huge weight.

All these and many other problems facing the engineers of the British company in the near future. But we can only observe the progress of construction and wait for the final results.

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