Castles of the world

The ancient castles of the world more than any other buildings evoke images of medieval knights, long bloody sieges, the Shine of Royal life. What it’s like to live behind the thick stone walls, warming near the giant fireplace in high tower?

Each lock – from romantic Mont Saint-Michel in France to look like the fabulous scenery of Leeds in England has its own history. In the middle ages they served several purposes – a symbol of the power of the king or nobleman’s house for their kind and provided refuge during enemy attacks. The earliest medieval castles were made of wood, often stood on a hill with a moat around it. After IX century wooden structures were replaced by stone fortresses. Many of these fine examples of defensive structures are well preserved to our days, as Chair castles in Ireland, Carrickfergus in England, Edinburgh in Scotland.

Castles of Ukraine demonstrate the original features of wooden architecture, as well as the dome and cross vaults. To reflect the Tatar-Turkish raids had built fortified buildings of brick (Lutsk ) or stone (Kamenetz-Podolsk ). One of the most prominent monuments of the defensive architecture of Ukraine is the Khotyn fortress .

When the States of Europe United and of the war died down, the castles ceased to be just fortemedia survival during the siege. Kings and nobility started to build magnificent palaces, to display their power and wealth. Chambord. like other French castles of the Loire valley, were built more for fun than for defense. In Ireland, the Bantry House and Tullynally are good examples of luxury estates. The most recognizable style of this castle is Neuschwanstein in Germany – the model of the Palace for Cinderella and Sleeping beauty in the films of Walt Disney.

Today the fate of many of them was to turn them into tourist attractions or in ruins, some are in recovery, others converted into hotels or rented.

There are, however, ancient castles that still remain a family residence. For example, Glamis in Scotland, the home of the Queen mother, has been in the same family for over 600 years. British Royal family continues to use several ancient buildings, one of them is Windsor castle on the outskirts of London is today the largest residential castle in the world.

We are born not in the Royal family, it is difficult to imagine that such a gorgeous building can be a family home. But, visiting the most beautiful castles of the world, everyone can dream about the Royal life in one of these fabulous houses.

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