7 the oldest companies in the world

Japanese construction company Kongō Gumi Co. Ltd completed its independent existence in 2006, and was founded in the year 578. Really, this company is engaged in the construction from the sixth century!

At the time its employees have built castles for royalty, and during the second world war she had to work making coffins… Things went more or less well until the 80-ies of the last century, while the management started to invest in real estate.

At the start of 2006 the company’s debts exceeded $ 340 million, and she was absorbed by one of the competitors — Takamatsu construction.

She is a Japanese company — Hōshi — was engaged in the hotel business from 718 years, and when it was closed, it received the title of “The oldest continuously operating company”.

Strange, because the above construction organization existed longer… now, one of the hotels (he used to, of course, was not called and was a coaching Inn), located in the Prefecture of Ishikawa, was ruled by a family for 46 generations.

In the walls of the Abbey of Saint Peter in Vienna is a restaurant and wine cellar called Stiftskeller St. Peter, who is engaged in catering to 803.

Things are going very well and now, as the visitors of this place were some of the kings of France, well-known personalities like Christopher Columbus and others. Interestingly, in the novel, Goethe’s Mephistopheles and Faust met in this restaurant.

We can expect that the list will also be the oldest brewery — the way it is. Bavarian Brewery Weihenstephan in Germany of Bavaria engaged in brewing at least since the year 1040, when he received official permission from the city authorities for the manufacture of beer.

The brewery survived even during the reign of Napoleon in 1803, when the Church was separated from the state, and the monastery of nakabo suffered. Nowadays it’s all the same brew beer, as well as teach students at the technical University of Munich.

Salt mine The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Wieliczka also have a rich history. After the founding in the year 1044 to our days there some of the minerals mined in the deep mines.

Upper levels turned into a tourist attraction, and every year they are visited by over a million tourists. I was also among them, and can confirm that it looks monumental and thoroughly.

Under the ground there is even a Banquet hall, Church and restaurant, and special interest was aroused by high-speed double-deck Elevator, in which jammed up to 30 tourists In number of tourists in different times Wieliczka visited Copernicus, Goethe, Mendeleyev, bill Clinton and Pope Paul II.

Despite the fact that was bought by a Corporation Heineken, A brewery ffligem Abbey brewery of Belgium retained its name and continues to brew beer with the year 1074, when it was founded by monks of the Benedictine. The recipe, according to technologists, has remained unchanged even after changing the owner to the Finns in 2000.

The mint in Kremnica . Slovakia began minting ducats and florins in 1328, when the Hungarian king Charles Robert of Anjou decided that this city should become the national centre of dolgopiatova.

The money that was made here, were among the most difficult to counterfeit and was one of the most reliable monetary units of his time in Central Europe. During the Second world war, the German occupiers destroyed the equipment, but the employees subsequently managed in parts to restore it .

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